Sunday, September 14, 2008

Assigned Reading Sept. 15-19

It is the paramount that we keep God centered in our worship. Unfortunately it becomes increasingly difficult when in our culture we look ourselves as to what more 'we' can give to God. We have this desire to one up the next church, or be the next big thing because God will like that. Simon Chang makes a great point concerning our efforts towards God, when he said, "And all we do is give back to You What always has been yours".

After reading for this week's assignment, the one word that stood out was 'value'. What is the value we place upon worship? What is the value we place upon the church, prayer, others, etc...?

I think that the church has come to a point where worship is only for a time frame not something that we do daily. Worship needs to be something that we aren't satisfied with for only going facedown for 45 minutes. We need to 'value' not just those 45 minutes on a Sunday but everyday we should be worshipping the Creator. "...We have it all wrong if we think Christianity is about being good enough"

Dawn makes a great point that we need to involve everyone that we can in the act of corporate worship. We often forget that a person making a banner is just as integral as the person playing the guitar. A person who arranges a dance or a drama can have as much to do with worship as the vocalists. If we begin to lift up the person for the act of worship they do then we have lowered the God we praise to our standards.

If we as a church ever hope to get back to foundational principles of God and keeping Him at the center then we have to look at ourselves in how and what we are teaching. Dawn also says that fathers play an important role in how their children see worship. Prayer and education is the only way that we can effectively involve not on ly the fathers but everyone in the corporate service. We don't have to be the worship leader to lead worship. If we begin to constantly look at what is directing our spiritual compass then we won't be amiss if God is our True North.

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