Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oct 6- Oct 10 Readings

What a hectic October..... I'm glad that's in the past. I experienced everything from losing my college to my wife and I opening our own business. I say all of that to say I have finally gotten back to the readings.

As I read "Facedown" I quickly realized that my view of worship could use some tweeking as well as some added foundation.
"The songs are one thing but it goes way beyond the music it's our whole approach" says Redman. Redman seeks to influence the participants in worship to do more than sing. It's to worship God in the little things of everday life. One thing I would take away fromt the reading is the view that worship is only singing is a very shallow view of who God is.

Before I finished up the book, a recent movie came to mind; Spiderman III. There is a part where Peter Parker ditches who his spiderman character is, to become something different. Venom. Peter changed his appearance and how he responded to people. He changed other elements of his humaness such as choosing rudeness over compassion. There were many other things that happened but the point is when he tried to go back to being who he was, it was a struggle. So much so that it took a physical tearing away of who he had become.

To me this book is similar in the way that we have taken worship and made it many things. It is possibly quite different from what God intended. It may take a tearing away of what we know as worship and experience a deconstruction of sorts that brings us back to a place of brokeness with our faces to the floor.

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